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Anhui Tenglong Magnetic pump is safe and reliable


Magnetic pump is a kind of magnetic drive to achieve non-contact torque transmission so as to replace the static seal with the dynamic seal, so that the pump is completely leak-free. Because the pump shaft and the inner magnetic rotor are completely closed by the pump body and the isolation sleeve, the problem of "running, rising, dripping and leaking" is completely solved, and the hidden danger of the leakage of flammable, explosive, poisonous and harmful media through the pump seal in the oil refining and chemical industry is eliminated. To ensure the physical and mental health of workers and safety in production.

With the rapid development of pump industry in our country, the demand for pump in corresponding industry is increasing step by step, but the selection of pump is especially noteworthy, because of the development of the whole pump industry; At the same time, it has also driven the development of the entire pump industry. More and more manufacturers have begun to independently research and develop all kinds of products, responding positively to market demand. Anhui Tenglong pump and Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. independently developed a variety of magnetic pumps in the market has never appeared safety incidents, so it is favored by the market.

According to the safety problems in the use of magnetic pump, Anhui Tenglong pump valve started the production of safety mode, to ensure that every step in the production process can be perfect, and combined with human resources layer upon layer to check. To ensure that each link can be meticulous, and then produce a safe and qualified magnetic pump products. In the process of technology research and development, Anhui Tenglong pump valve is also fully committed to technical upgrading, so as to effectively improve the performance of the product, according to the application field of magnetic pump, so as to effectively reduce the problem of failure in the process of use. More effective in stopping the occurrence of safety incidents.

Therefore, users in the selection of magnetic pump to consider the quality factor is very important, with the strength of the company in order to use the product in the process to be assured. Tenglong pump and Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has nearly 35 years of production qualifications. The company produces a wide range of magnetic pumps, including fluoroplastic magnetic pumps, high temperature magnetic pump, strong alkali and acid resistant magnetic pumps, stainless steel magnetic pumps and so on. With its excellent product quality in the market ahead of sales, quite by the trust of users.

Magnetic pumps are widely used, such as in many industries, such as chemical plants, mines, pharmaceutical plants, food factories, and so on. Their effect is to transport liquid from one place to another. This process needs to rely on magnetic pumps, and some magnetic pumps are used with spare pumps. For example, the magnetic pumps used by water companies are not only large in speed, but also in power. It also requires several spare pumps, intended in case of backup. Now the application of magnetic pump is very extensive, the demand is infinite, so the development prospect of magnetic pump is also very good.

After all, the prospect of magnetic pump development is very good, no matter how the age changes, how the development of science and technology, this pump has been an excellent one, it is difficult to be replaced in the future, coupled with the market demand for this kind of goods, so the prospects for development is very good. Tenglong company will, as always, put every level of production off, to ensure that each pump to the hands of users can be safe and stable operation.

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